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Hey, I'm Emmanuel!

I'm a blogger, graphic designer and business owner with a passion to help new business owners create a biz and increase their personal productivity so they can live life on their own terms.

How This Site is Going to Make You Successful in Business & Life?

If its your desire to start a business, grow the business, and scale the business or to run a business , even if you don't know how to go about it, then you are in the right place.

Even if you currently own a business, even if you have been successful for years, we are in fast changing world and if you don't learn how to do business 'the new way', you will be left behind.

This is a personal blog set up by my Friend, Michael Agbo and I but this is also where you get everything, every tool, strategy, tip that you will need to start, run and grow a business.

Every time you come across any article on this site, you'll learn something new about business coupled with actionable strategies that can take your business to the next level.

Own your Biz

Starting or running your own business with the right knowledge, mindset, tools and systems can help you achieve financial independence. You can earn more, maximize your time and help you grow and secure your future.

The moment you decide to take total responsibility for your life, you'll increase your productivity and you'll become independent in every way. 

Remember your life is your business.

What's better is that you won't just start your business, you'll learn what it takes to grow a successful business and if you already own one, you'll learn systems to make it more productive. You can grow the business you love and have a good time while doing it.

You can be your self, do you and build your brand around it, while attracting your dream clients.

The startup you will build or the business you will grow will teach you discipline and principles that you will apply to other aspects of your life. Your decision making process will improve. You will make more better choices. You will find yourself also building better relationships

You won't settle for less. You will keep improving your life, business and your money will in turn grow. A wise man said "You attract success by virtue of who you are becoming".

Additionally, you will avoid the mistakes that most startups and business owners make because you will be learning what it takes to start a biz and grow it.

Below is my story, real and detailed, my journey, my WHY for wanting to help you and your startup become a better biz person and have a highly productive life.

There has been times of confusions, doubts, fear, and obstacles and indifference and that's all part of the process and one of the reasons i want to share it with you - the confusion, the mistakes, the insecurity

Core Values


Before my early 20s. I always wanted to be more, and do more. I wasn't satisfied with my life. I wanted to live a life that actually mattered, one that was impactful on people.

I'm not part of the corporate world yet and i really have no interest in being a part of it.

So i knew that i had to start looking for a way around it. Regardless, i was still living an ok life and i didn't really have much worries because i was on a monthly allowance from my parents, i got free food, housing, pretty much everything. I hadn't realized that i wasn't independent and i had a lot of untapped potentials.

Everything changed when they decided to cuff me off from allowance and this was coupled with the fact that my University was on strike. Don't even get me started on that.

That was the turning point in my self-improvement and business journey because it motivated me to start looking for ways to change my life.

You should have seen, i didn't have a purpose and clear direction. I didn't have a purpose and sense of direction. I did basically everything ranging from music production, game development, web dev and even public speaking. I did anything i liked even if i wasn't even making money from it but there was still a huge gap between the life i wanted to live and the one i was living. I knew something was missing.

I read Millionaire Messenger by Brendon Burchard(one of my mentors) and i was enlightened as to what i actually wanted. I wanted to help people live the life they wanted and make enough money doing it so i could be my own boss.

Prior to this, people always came to me for advice and how to increase their productivity and they also told me that that they found the content i posted on social media handle helpful.

This led me to create Stewardpedia. It is a blog that focuses on topics such as start-ups, self help, business growth, and productivity.

I don't really know much about blogging but i take this as a learning process and challenge

Stewardpedia is a journey and i would love if we go on this growth, productivity and finance journey. Like every journey or vision there will be hurdles and setbacks along the way but i believe together we can make it and become better versions of yourself.